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Fiesta Mayor 2013

August 21st – 27th. “Festa Major de Sitges”. Sitges’ main Annual Fiesta in Honour of “Sant Bartomeu”, The Town’s Patron Saint. There is an amazing fireworks display on the 23rd, centered around Sitges Church. Watched by many, along the beach and also on the water, via a troupe of boats.

A wide range of events and festivals celebrating the Catalan Culture. With:

in the center and all over Sitges town (shopping area/square).

Along with fire-breathing beasts and ancient dances like the diables (devils), bastons (stick dance), gitanes (gypsies), cercolets or moixiganga, among others.

With numerous processions around the town’s streets, a spectacular fireworks display from the Baluard (Bastion), the 6 o’clock matinal (early morning performance) the next day, solemn mass, processions, open-air dancing and sardanes (traditional Catalan dance).

Sitges Carnival 2014

Sitges Carnaval 2014. This fabulous winter festival of parties and parades eclipses the Barcelona carnaval and is definately worth a visit. There are several parades for all ages during carnaval week in Sitges. The biggest parades are the evening parades called “Rua de la Disbauxa”.

25th Feb the 5th of March 2014 – parades taking place on Sunday the 2nd and Tuesday the 4th of March.

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Tapas is a typical Spanish dish. It comes in several varieties. The Basque version are called ‘pinchos’. Pinchos are generally bite-sized portions served on slices of baguette.In Barcelona and Sitges you will find Pinchos restaurants as well. These restaurants are filled with these delicious snacks. When you’re fed up with all the wining and dining, or you’re just looking for some fast food after a day at the beach, we really can recommend this. In Sitges you will one at San Pablo and Nou it’s the first street just before the church from the beach up hill.


Sitges is known about the beaches (17 in total). On this link you will find more information about all the beaches in Sitges. When you come to the beach you can park at the boulevard, it’s the cheapest way, but unfortunately it’s most of the time pretty crowded (unless you arrive really early, which we never managed to do so). Another possibility is to park in one of the carparks, there is always place, the car stands save and out of the sun, but they’re much more expensive.