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El Garraf

The picture is Casa Gaudi in the village Garraf

El Garraf

Olivella lays in the nature park El Garraf. It receives its name from the mountains located to the east of the district. This mountainous area contains flora and fauna difficult to find anywhere other than on the Catalan coast. El Garraf is popular by hikers. Link Hiking

Village Garraf

You can ride from Sitges on the C31 along the coast towards Casteldefells. It is a curly road with beautiful views over the see. When you drive this way you should stop at the village Garraf. It has a small beach with romantic beach houses. At the corner of the beach you will find restaurant La Cupula. It’s a typical Spanish restaurant and a good spot to eat Paella. It has beautiful terraces where you can sit and gaze away over the sea.